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Changed my life

Krissy Krissy Krissy, the whole team at tone and sculpt, we KNOW how much work you put into this app and with the feedback you not only read you IMPROVE., you see us, you hear us. I cannot tell you how this app has changed my fitness/health journey. My form has improved, I’m accountable for ME. But most of all it’s the progress I have seen and to track this with weights, reps, photos on the app id amazing. To have such a major and supportive community too. Thank YOU T&S.

Shannon Lorna

THE fitness app for me!

The Strong program with Krissy is the MOST perfect guide for me - the app gets you to only focus on committing to the workouts, and takes care of the structure for you. LOVE ❤️


All workouts are convenient

All you need is 30 minutes! It may not sound like a lot but it leaves me drenched in sweat each time. Also, Krissy just stepped up her game and brought in another trainer with different workouts. There are soo many meals available and you can customize your own meals too. This app has it all including a supporting familia. Love this!!


Saw the best results of my life!

Krissy creates drives a desire to succeed. app is interactive and easy to use for those scared to start a routine. she gives you All the tools!